President's Message


Dear ARIN Members and fellow Radiology Nurses,

I am excited and humbled to now take up the mantle as the 40th president of the Association of Radiologic and Imaging Nursing (ARIN). I was encouraged to submit my application to join the board by the late and dear, Mary Sousa. She encouraged me to grow and share my talents with the amazing nurses of ARIN. During the past 6 years on the board as the Director of membership, diversity, and inclusion, I have had the honor to serve on the board with Evelyn Wempe, Cheryl Jaglowski-Ho, Chris Keough, Donna Margiotta, and Kristina Hoerl as Presidents of the organization.

It is my esteemed pleasure to be called to serve ARIN as the president and chief elected officer of the organization for 2023. In 2023, ARIN will be fostering stronger, new, relationships connecting all imaging nurses worldwide and across healthcare disciplines. We have arrived at a time of great change, progress, and achievement.  As nurses, we must never forget our primary goals in caring and advocating for our patients and our profession.

As the ARIN president, I am committed to ensuring we continue to create positive, informed, and equitable conditions in every environment and for all. Our focus must be on value, meeting the needs of all of our members with inclusion.  Imaging Nursing is a unique specialty in a uniquely rewarding profession. One which allows us to affect humanity in a way that not many others ever experience. As a part of the larger nursing community, we have power and global influence. With this power comes great responsibility to each other, our patients, and our communities.

Our goal for ARIN is to grow our membership numbers to 2000 this year. We can reach this goal with every one of you, contributing to the work, and the production of education, as well as telling others about ARIN and inviting them to join you in this worldwide connective community of imaging nurses. 
It’s important that we keep our mission and our goal at the center of all we do here at ARIN. In every action, meeting, and conversation. This is how we will move this organization and our profession forward into a bigger and brighter future. 

We must remain true to our vision: 
Connecting imaging nurses across the globe. You are not alone. 
Promoting the face of imaging nursing across all disciplines. 
Advancing radiologic and imaging nursing by sharing best practices, robust process improvement and publications around the world. 

Thank you for this opportunity to serve. Now, let’s get to work!


Sylvia Miller-Martin, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

Burbank, CA

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