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Dear ARIN Members and fellow Radiology Nurses,

First, let me begin by saying I am honored and humbled to assume the role as the 39th President of the Association of Radiologic and Imaging Nursing, formally known as ARNA – the American Radiology Nurses Association. My connection and commitment to ARIN started when I joined the association in 2006. By taking this oath of office, I join the legacy of 38 amazing people who previously have blazed the trail for Radiologic and Imaging Nurses. I have been fortunate to have met and spoken with numerous other ARIN presidents since I joined. I was blessed to have worked closely with and been mentored by some such as Kathy Schaeffer, Karen Green, Kathleen Gross, Mary Sousa, Christy Lee, Cheryl Jaglowski-Ho, Chris Keough, and of course, Donna Margiotta during my time in ARIN. I was honored to be selected to present the lecture in honor of Joanna Po, our third president and one of the original 35. For those unfamiliar with the original 35, that was the number of Radiology Nurses that got together that very first time to determine what a specialty association for radiology nurses would look like. I have a special connection to our very first president, Charlotte Godwin. Charlotte was the Director of Radiology Nursing at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, where I found radiology nursing and spent the last 23 years of my career. I am fortunate to have access to many of Ms. Godwin’s initial documentation related to the founding of this association, including a May 1981 letter where Charlotte describes our association’s initial purpose, which includes, in part:

  1. Conducting in-services, attending seminars to earn continuing education units in Radiological Nursing
  2. Establishing standard guidelines and job descriptions for radiology nurses
  3. Researching and implementing means of improving patient care in the radiology department by using each other as resources
  4. Providing the registered nurse with basic radiological knowledge

That first ARNA/ARIN meeting was 41 years ago, and to paraphrase an old commercial, we’ve come a long way! Our world has changed in countless ways since that 1981 letter. In the last few years, unexpected losses of board members, the need to select a new management company, and a global pandemic have forced ARIN to focus primarily on keeping its head above water. I am very proud to say ARIN’s leadership has done that while working tirelessly to be sure ARIN can continue and expand on those founding purposes. The pandemic slowed our progress, but I am sure the blueprints and foundation work that my predecessors have done will provide us a firm platform to continue the legacy of Charlotte Godwin, the original 35, and all the Boards and Presidents before me. As the pandemic is hopefully in our rearview mirror, I take inspiration from those before to determine ARIN’s direction over the next year. The last few years have given me time to reflect on the strengths of ARIN – most importantly, our members – and our challenges. I realize we need to implement a better way to determine when and how to use our member volunteers in ways that match their interests and strengths. I want to ensure we have structures in place that maintain ongoing initiatives such as position statements and the revision of the Core Curriculum and help develop the next generation of ARIN leaders by partnering someone on the Board with a member to co-chair new councils. Our founding members had the right idea, and we are called to be sure their vision will live on despite any challenge that may come our way. ARIN’s theme for the next year is “Re-building the Legacy” I ask you: Are you ready to put on your hard hat and join the crew to construct the next chapter in ARIN’s legacy?


Thank you for your time and your support and commitment to ARIN.


Kristina Hoerl, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, CRN
ARIN President

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