President's Message

President’s Address - ARIN Annual Membership Meeting, April 12, 2021

Donna Margiotta, BSN, RN, CRN
ARIN President



First, I must thank Chris Keough for the dedication, time and effort she has devoted to ARIN for so many years. She has served in many roles including Chair of the Planning Committee and Treasurer for two terms before serving as President for two years. Chris has guided ARIN with integrity and honor, always keeping ARIN’s best interest the center of every decision. I must also acknowledge the hard work and commitment of every member of the Board. Without their support and encouragement, I would not be here today. ARIN is on a solid path for continued growth and success because of the wisdom and vision of Chris, Amanda, Kristina, Cathy, Sylvia, John, and Cheryl.

It is an honor and privilege to assume the role of President. I appreciate the confidence and trust you have in me and I will do my best to serve ARIN and our members. The new Board of Directors and I will begin working on our strategic plan to support ARIN’s mission and vision in the coming year.

ARIN’s mission is to be the World’s Premier Source for Radiologic and Imaging Nurses. Our vision is to Connect, Promote and Advance Radiologic and Imaging Nursing around the world. ARIN continues its relationship with RAD-AID, with new a project planned to begin in 2021/22. This year, RAD-AID also very kindly sponsored convention attendees from both Kenya and Guyana. In total, representatives of eight different countries participated in our first ever online convention. We hope this international attendance will grow, as the ARIN membership of nearly 1850 nurses at this time, representing 13 different countries and counting, will grow. And though we don’t yet know if our 2022 convention will be held in person or online, I look forward to meeting with all of you in person someday soon.

This past year has been a difficult one for many of us; we have all been affected by the impact of COVID-19. We hope the ARIN community has been a support and resource to you during these unprecedented times. If there’s something you do need that you’re not seeing, please let us know. Your continued support of ARIN and each other keeps us moving forward. In the coming year, we will focus on Education, Membership and expanding our Partnerships and Volunteers.

The education of radiology nurses is a primary goal for ARIN. We will accomplish this by working to offer more Directed Journal Readings and webinars for CE credits, more virtual Hot Topics sessions to share experiences and an updated Learning Management System. Keeping in mind the advances in technology and changing trends in healthcare, we are working on a regular schedule to update our publications. A new edition of Scope and Standards is planned for 2022 and an updated Core Curriculum will follow soon after. We also continue our close relationship with the Radiologic Nursing Certification Board (RNCB), and continue to make relevant updates to our CRN preparation tool, the Imaging Review Course. Certified Radiology Nurses are recognized for achieving a standard of knowledge and professional ability, according to a recognized level of competency. ARIN is here to help you achieve that goal!

We’d also like members to be aware that in light of the difficulties experienced during COVID-19, RNCB is offering all recertifying nurses a one-time $100 reduction in fees. (Click here for more details on certification.)

We are also striving to increase the value of membership. Sending out communications, including content from members, and providing more opportunities for members to learn from each other will allow us to stay connected. Expanding our partnerships with other, similar non-profits and paid sponsors will help strengthen our organization financially.

Last and most importantly, our volunteers. The volunteers that work for our association are the backbone of ARIN. This is where every member can have an impact. Please consider volunteering – we need you and your ideas. Collaborative leadership is grounded in the belief that all of us together can be smarter, more creative and achieve more than any one of us alone. There are many ways you can participate. Please feel free to email me, any of our board members or our team at Managing Matters. Together we can all make ARIN better and stronger… connecting, promoting and advancing Radiologic and Imaging Nurses around the world!

Thank you for the trusting me to lead ARIN in the coming year. I am proud to serve as your president, THANK YOU.

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