President's Message

Connecting Nurses through Education & Advocacy

Cheryl Jaglowski-Ho, BSN, RN, CRN
ARIN President

As your incoming president I want to share my vision for the upcoming year. Arin has had many improvements in the delivery of quality services over this past year. This year I will continue to expand on these resources with the goal of helping us all achieve a level of comfort in the quality care of our patients, and becoming advocates for ourselves, our patients and the entities we work in. most nurses already do this, but perhaps we do not have a label for what we do. Nurses just see the global pictures and do the right thing. Over this year I hope to make you comfortable by providing the resources, so you can start on your own journey to advocacy.

Connecting. ARIN is the premier source of nursing information on radiology and imaging. We have multiple ways of connecting the imaging nurse. We have the web site, the app, the forums, webinars and email and face to face conferences. ARIN provides evidence-based learning, position statements, Advancing. We are advancing nursing across the radiological and imaging environment by providing evidence-based position states, evidence-based publication and the resources for a nurse to make process improvements across their own entity. We support out nurses with timely educational offerings.

Promoting. We are helping advocate for imaging nursing across all disciplines by providing the written literature and the resources for the nurse to advocate for themselves, their patients and their interdisciplinary teams. Nurses are in a unique position to advocate for safe and quality care, quality working environments and exceptional professional relationships. ARIN strives to provide the educational resources to advocate for ourselves and the clients under our care. We can promote quality professional relationships by demonstrating professional communication and problem-solving solutions for the imaging world.

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  • Medtronic
  • Guerbet
  • Mayo Clinic
  • NSO
  • Walden
  • Chamberlain
  • Strayer


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