Congratulations to all our new CRNs in the United States and abroad on their outstanding achievement!


Certification is one of the most important decisions a nurse can make. Certified nurses are recognized by their peers and employers for having achieved a standard of competency in the nursing specialty. The Radiologic Nursing Certification Board, Inc. (RNCB®) would like to congratulate all nurses who passed the Radiology Nurse Certification exam and met the requirements to obtain the Certified Radiology Nurse (CRN) credential.



  • Johnny Archuleta
  • Teresa Kelley
  • Janelle Maynes  


  • Khristy McBride
  • Chelsie Scott
  • Erin Staton


  • Judith Edie
  • Rebecca Kadel
  • Wagenia Jones
  • Donna Mentzer


  • Johnna Allen
  • Katherine Burch
  • Margaret Freitag
  • Ana-Paula King
  • Charles Newbold
  • Michele Risko
  • Tanya Thompson
  • Mary Wells



  • Jennifer Grey
  • Marne Nash
  • Jordana Sandoval
  • Jacquelyn Schabot


  • Corine Clevenger
  • Alexandra Hart
  • Leah Miller
  • Jill Nunes
  • Allan Sutter


  • Oscar Cortez
  • Robert Mantilla
  • Lisa Patton
  • Bethany Rowland
  • Marzena Wroblewska

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