Katherine Duncan, BA, RN, CRN
2017 President, Association for Radiologic and Imaging Nursing

Thank you to my mentors Evelyn and Mary, the Board and my dear friends and colleagues - you the ARIN membership. Let's start with a scenario we all can relate to... It's a Saturday afternoon and the final patient arrives. It's a CF patient for a PICC line hoping to go home on Sunday. She is very anxious. I greet her and go into soothing the fears and frustration (of course she's now been NPO of 20 hours). I start off with, "You know what is great about today?" Confdently, I tell her, "On Saturday, you get the A team!" She doesn't know I use this with every patient on every day.

It is true that every day for every patient in our world they get the A team. Our team is ON and we know what to do. We all know we work with highly skilled techs, extremely competent nurses, and cutting edge physicians ...and...if we are lucky, we have NAs, schedulers, nurse navigators, and support personnel that have our backs.

I am honored and thrilled to be a radiology nurse though I have to explain what I do to all that I meet. Who we don't have to explain our profession to are the doctors, techs, and patients that depend on us and are thankful that we are on their team - the A team.

I am also honored to be taking the helm as president. This body is the best representative of our profession. This is the A+ team. Over the past 12 years of involvement with ARIN, I've been struck by the amazing accomplishments of the volunteers, leaders, faculty, reviewers, writers and the many contributions you all make to advancing radiology nursing.

I ask you to think of your passion. Are you adept at lulling a child to sleep, do you preempt sepsis with your actions, can you run a cardiac stress test with the best of them, or have you pioneered patient education initiatives? Help ARIN turn this into the standard for our industry.

So here is my platform. (I learned this past year I needed a platform.) I thought long and heard about what is my passion (besides taking call). Here it is....We are the experts at the art and science of patient care in the radiology department. The time has come for us to step up and pull up a chair to the table of establishing the standards for our profession. This is not new for ARIN as evidenced by our highly regarded journal, our Core Curriculum, and comprehensive Orientation Manual. Not to mention the many educational formats of webinars, IRC, conference, chapters, and journal readings.

This past year we have created new programs and are developing key strategic alliances with major radiology bodies such as SIR, ACR, RSNA, RADAID, SMRT and AVIR. Nursing organizations are coming to us to develop their needed education on radiology patient care. Med surg nurses, operating room nursing, infusion nursing, palliative care nursing and others are offering chairs at their tables.

We are the experts in our feld- The A team. Our voice is loud and proud (at least I'm loud and proud). We have much to offer in defning the standards of care in radiology nursing. Bring your passion to the table.