The goals and objectives of the Association for Radiologic & Imaging Nursing (ARIN) are achieved mainly through the work of volunteers - many of them on the council. Members volunteer their expertise, time, and talent and are the driving force behind ARIN activities. Together, members of the Board and council members identify the changing needs and priorities of the ARIN and our professional community. Council members meet regularly via conference calls to determine how these needs can be met through program development or service delivery. Periodic reports are made to the Board and the membership detailing each respective committee’s activities.

ARIN is committed to providing all members an opportunity to be involved in the organization. As such, we are restructuring our committees and Councils, co-chaired by non-board member volunteers, to meet the needs of ARIN and give our members a larger voice in the organization. We are excited to introduce ARIN’s five new councils and a variety of exciting volunteer opportunities for ARIN members.

The best way to have a voice in the Association and maximize your member value is to get involved as a volunteer!

Please consider volunteering in your areas of interest by completing the Volunteer Application.


Areas of Interest

  • Finance and Convention Council: Conference planning, budgeting, developing strategic partnerships
  • Governance Council: ARIN’s history and archives, ARIN policy development, helping ARIN maintain timelines
  • Education Council: Member education development and implementation, position papers
  • Membership Council: Growing and engaging ARIN members, moderation of members-only group, supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Leadership Council: Governmental and public policy that impacts nurses, awarding scholarships, assisting with nominations and elections of new Board members
  • Social Media Team: Creating and developing content for the nurses.
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ARIN Strategic Partners

  • BIS Logo.png
  • Medtronic
  • NSO


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