The goals and objectives of the Association for Radiologic & Imaging Nursing (ARIN) are achieved largely through the work of committees. Members volunteer their expertise, time, and talent to these committees and are the driving force behind ARIN activities. Together, members of the Board along with committee members identify the changing needs and priorities of the ARIN and our professional community.

Committee members meet regularly via conference call to determine how these needs can be met through program development or service delivery. Periodic reports are made to the Board and the membership detailing each respective committee’s activities.

All ARIN committees depend on the creative talents and resources of member participants. We welcome and encourage your participation. To learn more about a committee of interest click on the list below. To join a committee, send the office an email so that we can pass your information along to the committee, email to info@arinursing.org.


Chapters Committee

This committee works with forming chapters to assist them through the steps to be chartered. The committee is also responsible to help chartered ARIN Chapters maintain the active status.

Clinical Practice/Research Committee

The Clinical Practice Guidelines committee has been renamed as the Clinical Practice/Research Committee. This committee will focus on the development and promotion of a robust practice and research arm of ARIN through maintenance and standardization of current policies and practice guidelines and dissemination of evidence-based practice through ARIN resources.

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee focuses its efforts on finalizing the ballot, determining recipients for awards and scholarships as well as fostering new leaders within the ARIN membership. If you are interested in progressing into an ARIN leadership role, contact Donna Margiotta, Director of Leadership. The Leadership Development Committee solicited members to run for President-Elect, Treasurer, Director of Education, Director of Leadership, and the Leadership Development Committee. Voting was performed electronically.

Program Planning Committee

The most time-intensive and rewarding ARIN committee. The Convention Program Planning Committee is responsible for coordinating the annual ARIN Convention from abstract collection, review, scheduling and operation of the convention. They also review post-convention evaluations to target needs for the next call for abstracts.

Public Policy Committee

In order to stay current with the nursing community, ARIN developed the Public Policy Committee. Members attend monthly telephone meetings, review issues and letters regarding the issues, and advocate for issues that support nursing and healthcare. Health care reform, federal funding, and federal legislation are among the issues addressed.

Social Media Committee

This committee’s goal is to support the growth and development of ARIN in the Social Media arena, enhance ARIN’s visibility globally, and market ARIN as the “go to” organization for radiology nursing. During 2015, Tthis committee has brought visibility to ARIN by including icons on the website’s homepage for easier interaction through social media. In addition, the ARIN Facebook page has been revitalized as an important outlet for interaction. Upcoming for 2016, ARIN will utilize Twitter for updates and information during this year’s convention in Vancouver.

Webinar Committee

This Committee is charged with planning and developing topics for webinars that will enhance the radiology and imaging nurses’ knowledge in keeping with the ARIN core purpose to foster the growth of nurses who advance the standard of care in the imaging environment. This includes identifying topics and speakers for future ARIN sponsored webinars and work with staff on the preparation of these webinars.

Website Committee

This Committee is for members interested in oversight of the ARIN website. The ultimate goal of the workgroup will be to identify an ARIN Website Moderator, and Website Master to work alongside the ARIN Website Editor; however, the work can be accomplished through an ad hoc work group until the time the positions are filled.

ARIN Strategic Partners

  • Medtronic
  • Guerbet
  • Mayo Clinic
  • NSO


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