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Use of Capnography Clinical Practice Guideline

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The Non-Adherent Patient: Risk Control Strategies for Nurses

When: Thursday, May 3, 2018

Time: 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Overview: Patient non-adherence can come in many forms: unwillingness to follow a course of therapy, repeated missed appointments, rejecting treatment recommendations, reluctance to take medications, refusal to provide information or chronic late payments. If left unchecked, such conduct may result in litigation. The objective of this presentation is to empower nurses with strategies to not only recognize these patient behaviors but also take steps to reduce the likelihood of malpractice claims. Using selected claim scenarios, RNs and LPNs/LVNs can examine their own current risk control practices in relation to the claims and losses experienced by their peers.


  • Understand the factors that determine patient adherence.
  • Recognize the role that the patient, external factors and providers play in patient adherence.
  • List the leading techniques for dealing with non-adherent patients.
  • Identify key risk management tools that RNs, LPNs/LVNs, and NPs can incorporate into their practice to help promote patient adherence.

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Johns Hopkins Evidence-Based Practice Online Educational Series

This course is an engaging online experience, containing interactive elements, self-checks, instructional videos, and demonstrations of how to put EBP into use. The course follows the EBP process from beginning to end and provides guidance to the learner on how to proceed, using the tools that are part of the Johns Hopkins Nursing EBP model.

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ARIN Capnography Position Statement

The use of capnography in the procedure setting has been discussed both in the literature and educational programs in recent years. While the majority of ARIN members surveyed have implemented capnography in their departments, ARIN’s Board of Directors empaneled a task force to thoroughly research a position statement. ARIN’s position statement addresses the recommendations for appropriate and optimal patient monitoring as a vital component of safe patient care. Please access the following link to read the full statement:

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Medtronic Resources and Updates

On-Demand Webinar: Case Studies in Perioperative Performance Improvement
Find out how hospitals can partner with Industry to work toward preference card standardization, optimizing patient flow, and implementing Optimal Recovery Pathways, all which can influence clinical, operational, and economic metrics.

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