Remembering JoAnn Belanger

JoAnn knew her calling in life early on, rising from an LPN to Director of Radiology Nursing at University of North Carolina Hospitals in Chapel Hill, earning her BSN along the way.

JoAnn became active in the Carolina’s Chapter of ARNA, going to meetings, networking with nurses who encountered the same real-life daily work situations that she did. She was inspired by the new radiology nurse’s eagerness to learn and felt very lucky that she could share her knowledge and skills about radiology nursing. The philosophy of her workplace in that patients are real people with feelings and minds, and should be treated as such resonated with her. Quality care, patient safety, caring, team work, seeing how well her workplace functioned inspired JoAnn to become to become an active member of ARNA in the 1990’s.

JoAnn served as President of ARNA from 1997-1998, JoAnn was a part of the success of the start of the Certification Board and the Certification Exam. The first exam was given in 1998. This was a huge step toward the credibility of radiology nursing. The first edition of the Core Curriculum was published September 3, 1999. She was one of 10 authors for the nonvascular interventional procedures chapter. The Radiology Scope of Practice and Radiology Nurse Standards were finally acknowledged by ANA in 1998. The first set of Angiography guidelines, 10 AORN guidelines endorsed by ARNA, and several position statements endorsed by other nursing organizations were made available to all members in a binder.

ARNA created its own Educational and Research Foundation, to assist in the solicitation of monies for members. ARNA hired a professional fund raiser. JoAnn also took her turn as part of the planning committee and as a lecturer at the Associated Science Program at the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) for several years. JoAnn added strength and stature to the organization.

After her retirement, she turned to hospice work, which she truly loved. JoAnn is survived by her husband George, her daughter, Amy, and sisters, Kathryn and Mary Ellen. Please donate to the charity of your choice in JoAnn’s honor.

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