Change is Good?

Change is Good?

Recently I had the opportunity to attend NALA (Nursing Alliance Leadership Academy) with the majority of the ARIN board. The two days of training offered the attendees the opportunity to learn from experts in their fields of nursing management, leadership training, etc.

All the presentations were outstanding, but I would like to mention one that I feel pertains to all of us regardless of our position. It was titled “Leading in a High Change Environment: Understanding Change” by Donna Godfrey. Whether in a position of leadership or not, invariably we find ourselves facing change in our lives, either personally or professionally.

Over the last few years, ARIN has been hard at work making changes, and what we hope to be viewed as improvements, to many aspects of the membership experience. Our goal is to make sure that ARIN is providing the benefits and information that our membership desires. We do not look to make changes just for the sake of change, but look forward to the input of all our members to make that happen.

You may have noticed that in the last year alone, ARIN has changed our logo, our website, how we create our education, to mention a few. As we look to move into the future, while straddling the past we feel that this offers ARIN the best method of moving forward.

As we look at the handout that Donna provided, we see some of the many thoughts that go through our minds as we approach change. The bottom line is, no matter how hard we try, change is ultimately going to happen, and our attitude about it will help us deal with it in a positive manner. I believe that Donna Godfrey’s attached notes can help us to achieve this.

As ARIN members, please take the time to contact your ARIN Board of Directors and provide comments, insight, ideas, etc. on how we can make our association the best it can be. This can be done by simply clicking on their name in the “About ARIN” section on the website. We are all excited to hear from you. And remember…change is good!

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