University Hospitals Cleveland and ORNA Fall Education Day

Happy Radiology Technology Week! These words always signal the start of the yearly University Hospitals of Cleveland/ORNA Fall education event. Supported by vendors BTG, GE, Teleflex, Mermaid Medical and Stryker along with Radiology department staff, this year marked the 16th edition of this free educational event for Northeast Ohio.

The day started with Allen Slayton who presented the “Role of the Quality Assurance (QA) Technologist”.  This talk focused on the role of a Physics QA Technologist in Quality Management.  Topics in the presentation included: What is physics QA? Who is the physics QA technologist? What is the purpose of physics QA? The topic generated many questions from the audience.

The second talk of the morning was presented by David Smudla, from the EKOS division of BTG and focused on “Thrombus Embolism Treatment”. His lecture shared information on peripheral arterial occlusions, where and why they occur, and how they are treated. The lecture also included a discussion of Deep Vein Thrombosis and types of DVT, where and why they occur, and how they are treated. The lecture included a discussion of Pulmonary Embolism and types of PE, Why and where does PE come from and how and when to intervene.

After break, the event continued with a lecture by Andrea Miller from Teleflex on “Right Line, Right Now! Emergent Vascular Access”. Her lecture discussed vascular access device selection, outlined device options for vascular access in specific situations, review anatomical characteristics, locations for device insertion, and reviewed guidelines for ultrasound use during vascular access procedures. It was a great primer for vascular access in the Radiology department.

The event continued with Claudia Fitzgerald, from Stryker on “Stroke Awareness and Screening”. Claudia is a well-known national educator on stroke and a stroke coordinator. Her presentation described the incidence of stroke and differentiated stroke types, identified the signs and symptoms of stroke, identified large vessel occlusions (LVO) and pathways to treat LVO strokes, identified guidelines for screening stroke patients via ED, as well as named inclusion/exclusion criteria for IV-tPA patients, and the basic principles of mechanical thrombectomy.

Natalie Talboo opened the afternoon session with “Orthopedic Trauma: Injuries and Imaging”. A PA with experience at three different level one trauma centers, she discussed the definition of orthopedic trauma, including the many different types of orthopedic trauma injuries and common causes. The audience learned about fracture terminology and diagnosis with preferred imaging studies. The multiple operative treatments options will be reviewed. The lecture ended with a case study to demonstrate the principles discussed. The presentation was well received by the audience and generated a lot of discussion.

The day concluded with a lecture by Patrick Wojtylak; “What is PET/MRI?” Patrick has lectured nationally and is on several research papers related to PET. His lecture described the history of PET/MRI and how it works. PET and MRI basics were discussed in addition to discuss the opportunities and challenges of PET/MRI. The presentation was a great way to round out an exciting day.

The next event is in 2019 with the ORNA Spring event in April. The agenda is still in the planning stage. Stay tuned for further announcements on this event.

Greg Laukhuf ND, RN, CRN, RN-BC, NE-BC

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