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Up to 15 CE credits are available through January 31, 2017

Purchase all the radiology credits you will need for just $100. At $6 per credit ARIN's new podcasts are an excellent opportunity to earn the extra credits you need to maintain your CRN or brush up on the latest topics in radiology.

ARIN's self-paced online Podcasts can be accessed at any time through the ARIN website. Similar to the webinars, Podcasts will require the participant to take a short evaluation after they have watched the 50-minute session. All session recordings and evaluations are located on a password protected webpage. When you purchase the Podcast package you will receive an email with the password and instructions to access the lectures. Podcast sessions may be watched as many times as the participant would like.

Don't need all 15 credits or want to pick the topics you want? Starting in January 2016 you will be able to purchase individual lectures for $20 each and add them to your ARIN profile and access them throughout the year.

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Available Podcasts

Session 1: IR Team Concept:"Changing times, re-defining roles"
Jafar Golzarian, MD - University of Minnesota

Session 2: Code Situations- Anatomy of Contrast Allergy
Bethany L. Niell, MD, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

Session 3: Extreme IR: Another Chapter
Seyhan Senler, MD, Floyd Memorial Hospital

Session 4: Mid-Revolution Update: The Ups and Downs of Changes in the US Healthcare System
Donald F. Denny, Jr., MD, FSIR, Princeton Healthcare System

Session 5: The Future of Interventional Radiology
James F. Benenati, MD, FSIR, Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute

Session 6: Quality in Interventional Radiology: There is no I in TEAM!
Michael J. Miller, MD, Duke University Hospital

Session 7: Put Your Seatbacks and Tray Tables in the Upright and Locked Position: A checklist for Radiation Dose Management and Operator Protection
Robert G. Dixon, MD, UNC, Chapel Hill

Session 8: High Reliability in Health CareWe’re all in this Together 
Robert M. Spillane, MD, Hartford Hospital

Session 9: The Unique Voice of Nursing in Imaging - Can We Be Heard?
Presenter: Brenda Boone, PhD, RN

Session 10: Challenges of Caring for the Pediatric Population in Radiology Nursing
Presenter: Sylvia Miller, RN, BSN

Session 11: Is Your Patient at Risk? Air Embolism Post CT Guided Lung Biopsy: A Rare but Potentially Fatal Complication
Presenter: Lauren Miller RN, MSN-L, CRN

Session 12:Management of Malignant Ascites
Presenter: David A. Rosenthal, PA-C, MHP

Session 13: Managing Anticoagulant and Antiplatelet Agents in the Interventional Radiology Setting
Presenter: Amy Huggins, BSN, RN

Session 14: Critical Care Nursing Management of Patients Undergoing Endovascular Treatment for Cerebral Vasospasm
Presenter: Lora Cheek RN, SCRN

Session 15: Creating a Drain Management and Discharge Teaching Program in Radiology
Presenter: Sarah Whitehead, BSN, RN, CRN

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